Fundraising Training Ltd is passionately committed to enriching the skills of the third sector.  Set up in 2002 by Bill Bruty, a celebrated fundraiser with nearly 30 years of experience of delivering successful fundraising training all over the world.  Bill has accumulated a powerful and eclectic toolkit of techniques.  Our courses are ideal for you if…

  • You want to raise big money, we specialise in the major donors:  foundations, companies, governments and wealthy individuals.
  • You want to enhance your functioning skills with inspiration and creative thinking.
  • You are working for a charity, NGO or a social enterprise, or whether you are advising others.

Latest News

2014 UK training programme

After the success of the new Skilled Grantseeker Programme in Autumn 2013, we will be repeating these courses in 2014.  The first programme will run from March until June and there will be another one running from September to December.  You can book online now.  There only one place available for the Proposal Writing course on 30th April and just four places for the Networking and Negotiating Skills event on 20th May.

The aim of this programme is to equip fundraisers with the essential skills required to be successful in raising funds from charitable trusts. The courses will cover every aspect of trust fundraising, from researching trusts to building relationships.

The courses will be at the St Bride Foundation in the City of London.

This programme will go beyond the level of the one-day introductory events offered elsewhere.

For experienced fundraisers we offer a fresh and innovative approach and for new fundraisers we provide a comprehensive toolkit for a successful career in grantseeking.

The four programme elements

  1. Understanding Charitable Trusts and Mastering the Research Tools   25th March and 23rd September 2014
  2. Project Planning and Proposal Writing  30th April and 21st October 2014
  3. Networking and Negotiating Skills  20th May and 19th November 2014
  4. Target Setting and Tracking  24th June and 16th December 2014
find out more or book online

The cost for each element is £210 (inc VAT).


You could attend two or more events, but there is a discount for taking all four courses – the total price will be £700, rather than the full cost of £840.


For more information on how to book for the whole programme go to The Skilled Grantseeker Programme

NOTE: This discount is available to the organisation not the individual,  so up to four individuals could attend different training days.

For the Autumn of 2014 we are planning to start offering courses in Nairobi, Kenya.  If you are interested in this programme, do email us on info@fundraisingtraining.co.uk